Network Polygraph shows what
happens in your network.

Network Visibility as a Service, or On-Premises.

Cloud deployment — no extra hardware, no software downloads.

Can be deployed in any network: NetFlow/sFlow/IPFIX/jFlow supported.

Do you prefer on-premises deployment? Check the Enterprise edition.

Are you a Service Provider? Leverage our Platform to deliver added value to your customers.

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1. Configure your routers

2. Enjoy visibility

Instant deployment

Spend only a few minutes configuring each router.
No hardware/software deployment required.
Just send us the NetFlow!

High visibility

Get the best visibility out of NetFlow.
We use proprietary algorithms to enrichen the data.
Check the screenshots to see the available reports.


No upfront licensing costs – hardware nor software.
No hidden maintenance costs: fully managed.
Discounts available for large-scale deployments.

Currently processing > many Gbps for our customers

Pricing for Polygraph Instances

Set up a Polygraph Instance to gain visibility over your own network.

Request your free 14-day trial — no billing setup required.

(If you are a service provider, you may want to check Polygraph Platform.)

Annual billing
Monthly billing

Small Net

49€ / month
(around $56/month)
1 router
1 interface
up to 50 Mbps
(daily average)
1 admin user
data retention: 3 months

Medium Net

99€ / month
(around $114/month)
2 routers
1 interface
up to 150 Mbps
(daily average)
2 admin users
data retention: 3 months

Large Net

299€ / month
(around $344/month)
20 routers
any number of interfaces
up to 1 Gbps
(daily average)
5 admin users
data retention: 3 months


Custom pricing
(contact us for a quote)
cloud or on-premises
any number of routers
any number of interfaces
ISP-scale traffic volumes
(dimensioned for your needs)
multi-tenancy module
arbitrary data retention

Need increased retention? Add 2 years retention with a 50% surcharge.

Unsure of how much bandwidth you are using? Choose the Small Net plan and start a trial. We will help you figure it out.
In-between plans? Networks come in all shapes and sizes. Request a personalized quote.

Polygraph Platform

A multi-tenant solution for Service Providers to deliver superior visibility to their customers.

Offer Polygraph as a value-added service to your own customers.

Customized pricing for your scenario.

SaaS or on-site Fully managed Branding Supports thousands of customers Featureset customization Customized pricing

Contact us for details

or e-mail us at

Live Demo

Enter your e-mail address to obtain instant access to a demo deployment with real network traffic.

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Bandwidth monitoring.

Track bandwidth usage per application. Spot congestion easily. Gain a general understanding of how traffic is flowing through your network.

Application breakdown.

Get results per application. Distinguish web traffic from bulk data tranfers. Not all applications are equally important.

Identify domains, even for encrypted SSL traffic.

Gain an insight on your HTTP and HTTPS traffic. Because SSL traffic is becoming pervasive, we put special effort into accurately identifying SSL traffic.

Agile analysis and drill-down.

Our agile user interface allows you to easily drill down and investigate problems.

Identify top talkers.

Trivially determine bandwidth hogs and enforce company policies on bandwidth usage. Information is also available per-application.

Detect attacks.

Proprietary machine learning based algorithms enable signature-less flagging of anomalous traffic patterns, only using NetFlow data.

Receive alerts.

Our attack detection engine alerts you of the most network-threatening events. We work hard to avoid false positives.

Geolocate traffic.

Tell where your traffic comes from, and where it goes, in geographical terms.

Integrated pings, DNS, WHOIS lookups.

For your convenience, integrated WHOIS, DNS, pings, and traceroutes from user interface.

Storage of historic data.

Virtually unlimited storage of information for historical purposes. Blazing fast computation of arbitary queries (e.g., "top talkers of first week of last month"?).

Focus in subnets or interfaces of interest.

Create logical traffic views as needed. Focus in subnets, interfaces, ports, data centers, physical locations, or any other criterion of your choosing.

Forensics NetFlow database.

Storage of raw traffic for in-depth incident analysis and forensics. Flows are indexed and stored, allowing for fast retrieval.

Generate offline reports.

Get periodic reports, or generate one-off reports, covering the data of your interest.

Virtualized or SaaS/Cloud.

Offered as a service from the cloud for max ease of deployment. On-premises version for physical or virtualized servers also available.

A multi-tenant platform.

Restrict users to only the traffic they are allowed to observe. Leverage our plaform to provide value-added services to your own customers.

A modern, agile, feature-rich user interface.

No more dated user interfaces. We have built a functional interface that is pretty and feature rich but, at the same time, without bloat.

Dedicated support.

Our target is your full satisfaction. Expect us to go the extra mile.

Crafted by experts.

Our technicians are experts in algorithmics, traffic analysis, and NetFlow processing. Feel free to suggest features to include in our development roadmap.


Why do I need network visibility?

Unless you set up a visibility solution, you do not know what is happening in your network. How will you be able to efficiently maintain your network without visibility? Do not let your IT engineers drive blind.

Why is network visibility cost-effective?

Take a moment to estimate the cost to your organization of every hour of downtime, or these random 10-minute periods where the network is slow and nodoby knows why. What if you could cut downtime in half by easily spotting bandwidth hogs, disconnecting infected hosts, or proactively dealing with incidents, anomalies or attacks?

What is Network Polygraph?

Network Polygraph is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) visibility solution.
A more technical description: Network Polygraph is a cloud-based, offsite, SaaS NetFlow analysis service.

What is NetFlow?

Routers can export statistics on the data packets they observe, using a protocol called NetFlow. Essentially, these are small per-connection summaries: involved IP addresses, number of bytes exchanged, etcetera.
Polygraph collects these stats and offers you great visibility over what happens in your network.

What if I do not have NetFlow?

While NetFlow is a de facto industry standard, some vendors implement alternative solutions that we also support, including sFlow, J-Flow and IPFIX. Additionally, some lower-end routers support none of these. In this case, Ask us how to get NetFlow support very cheaply.

Why is offsite, SaaS NetFlow-based visibility solution more convenient?

Alternative solutions require licensing either software or hardware that must be deployed in your premises. They have steep up-front costs with uncertain returns, and entail hidden deployment and maintenance costs. In contrast, our NetFlow-based solution entails no up-front costs, is hosted offsite for maximal convenience, and lets you re-evaluate your choice later (and even switch to another solution if you want).
If offsite network monitoring is not a good choice for you, though, we still have on-premises deployment with our Enterprise edition.

What about security. Will my traffic travel unencrypted over the Internet?

No, your network traffic will not travel over the Internet through our servers. NetFlow never exports the actual data carried over your network, but only small summaries of each connection, such as IP addresses and the total amount of data exchanged.
We set up encrypted tunnels and all communications are protected with SSL.
(On-premises deployment with our Enterprise edition is always an option.)

What sort of visibility will I get?

You will get the best insights on the traffic, powered by our proprietary NetFlow-based traffic classification and anomaly detection engines. Check the screenshots or request access to a demo deployment with real, anonymized traffic to see for yourself.

What is unique about Network Polygraph?

Our service incorporates a series of proprietary algorithms that offer increased visibility compared to other NetFlow-based solutions. Our technology includes state-of-art machine learning algorithms that aid in L7 application identification attack detection.
A distinct feature of Polygraph is that it pairs depth of analysis with an agile and responsive user interface.

What is the overhead of NetFlow on the network?

NetFlow will typically introduce 0.5% extra bandwidth usage. This is a tiny price to pay for understanding what happens in the 99.5% remaining capacity.

Does Network Polygraph support my router/switch/firewall?

Almost surely, yes: we support devices from all major vendors, as well as open-source NetFlow generators. Check whether your device models support NetFlow, sFlow, IPFIX or jFlow. If still unsure, contact us for assistance at

I am unsure how to configure my devices. Will you help?

Where needed, we will help you or your engineer configure your hardware. Again, contact us at

Can I schedule a guided demo with you?

Please contact us at One of our engineers will contact you to schedule a session with you.

I have a question not covered in this short FAQ. What do I do?

Please contact us at and we will do our best to help.

When you can measure what you are speaking about, and express it in numbers, you know something about it. Sir William Thomson (Lord Kelvin)

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